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Air Show Report : 61 Stormo Air Show 2006, Lecce-Galatina airport


Claudio Toselli contributed the following report and pictures of the airshow at Lecce-Galatina airport organized by the Italian Air Force 61 Stormo.

On September 10th, 2006, a big air show was organized for the 75 year anniversary of the Lecce-Galatina airport (established in 1931 as reserve field) and for the 60 years of Scuola Volo delle Puglie (Puglie Flying School). The show was visited by all the members of 61 Stormo and the veterans that served over the past years in the Stormo, which in that time had different denominations; Scuola di Volo 3 Periodo, Scuola di Volo Periodo Basico, Scuola di Volo Basico Iniziale, 61^ Aerobrigata and today 61 Stormo.

For the day, the "Penguins" were visited by other squadrons and a number of foreign Air Forces. The Royal Air Force attended the show with two BAE Hawks, the French Air Force with the Alpha Jet and from Greece one Texan II and one T-2C Buckeye. All visitors probably noticed the wonderful specially painted Atlantic of the 41 Stormo from Sigonella. Other participants included a F-16ADF from 37 Stormo from Trapani-Birgi, two AV-8 Harrier II of GRUPAER (Italian Navy Air Arm) from Grottaglie and, the most interesting for the pilots, the prototype of the new Alenia-Aermacchi M-346 trainer. 61 Stormo itself contributed the specially painted MB339 61-63.
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Report and photos by Claudio Toselli ( view portfolio )

First Published: 12 November 2006
Last Modified: 28 July 2011

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