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Photo Report : Jolly Rogers Home from Final Tomcat Cruise


All pictures by Gerry Clarke

In December 2004 US Navy fighter squadron VF-103 Jolly Rogers returned home from their final cruise with the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. Gerry Clarke took the following photos on their return at NAS Oceana.

The Jolly Rogers have now exchanged their legacy Tomcat for Boeing's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, the US Navy's most modern combat jet. The squadron has been redesignated VFA-103.

finalcruise_02.jpg finalcruise_03.jpg finalcruise_04.jpg finalcruise_05.jpg finalcruise_06.jpg
finalcruise_07.jpg finalcruise_08.jpg finalcruise_09.jpg finalcruise_10.jpg finalcruise_11.jpg
finalcruise_12.jpg finalcruise_13.jpg finalcruise_14.jpg finalcruise_15.jpg finalcruise_16.jpg
finalcruise_17.jpg finalcruise_18.jpg finalcruise_19.jpg finalcruise_20.jpg finalcruise_21.jpg
finalcruise_22.jpg finalcruise_23.jpg finalcruise_24.jpg finalcruise_25.jpg finalcruise_26.jpg
finalcruise_27.jpg finalcruise_28.jpg finalcruise_29.jpg finalcruise_30.jpg finalcruise_31.jpg
finalcruise_32.jpg finalcruise_33.jpg finalcruise_34.jpg finalcruise_35.jpg finalcruise_36.jpg
finalcruise_37.jpg finalcruise_38.jpg finalcruise_39.jpg finalcruise_40.jpg finalcruise_41.jpg
finalcruise_42.jpg finalcruise_43.jpg finalcruise_44.jpg finalcruise_45.jpg finalcruise_46.jpg

Many thanks to Gerry Clarke for making these photos available to

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