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MILAVIA Aircraft - Dassault-Brequet Mirage F1

Specifications Mirage F1C

Powerplant: one 70.21 kN (15,873 lb st) SNECMA Atar 9K-50 turbojet

Dimensions: length 15.23m (49 ft 11½ in); height 4.50m (14 ft 9 in); wing span (over tip missiles) 9.32m (30 ft 10 in)

Weights: take-off 'clean' 10,900 kg (24,030 lb); Max Take-Off Weight 16.200 kg (35,714 lb)

Performance: max level speed at 12,000m (39,370 ft) Mach 2.2 or 2350 km/h (1,460 mph); service ceiling 20,000m (65,615 ft)

Armament: two internal DEFA 553 30mm cannons with 135 rounds per gun; up tp 4000 kg (8,818 lb) of ordnance, including guided bombs, retarded/free fall bombs, cluster bombs, ASMs, rocket launchers, ECM pods, up to three drop tanks, Magic/Magic 2 AAM, Super 530 AAM, carried on seven external hardpoints.

Mirage F1

picture courtesy of Dassault
Atar turbofan