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18 April 2016 | RUaviation

New batch of Russian strike fighters delivered to Iraq — ministry

A new batch of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-25 strike fighters has been delivered to Iraq, spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry Nasir Nouri Mohammed al-Tamimi said on Monday.

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25 February 2015 | RUaviation

Su-25SM3 strike-fighter is being prepared for flight testing

Flight testing of the upgraded Su-25SM3 strike-fighter will be started in a few months, Voenno-promishlenniy Courier reports.

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20 November 2014 | RUaviation

1st Guards Composite Aviation Division supplied with upgraded Su-25SM3

In 2014, 16 Su-25SM3 strike-fighters joined the fleet of the attack aviation regiment of the 1st guards composite aviation division of the Southern Military District. The regiment is based in Krasnodar Krai, Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

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2 July 2014 |

IISS Report: Iraq's Latest Su-25s Come From Iran

The latest delivery of Russian-made Su-25 Frogfoot aircraft to the Iraqi Air Force originated from Iran, according to a research analyst.

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18 February 2013 | RUaviation

First 10 Su-25SM3 upgraded aircraft for RuAF in Southern Military District

The first 10 Su-25SM3 upgraded attack aircraft have been delivered to the Russian Air Force's Southern Military District. The Su-25SM3 is the latest and definitive standard of the Su-25SM upgrade program, adding new mission computer with GPS/GLONASS and associated guided weapons, new improved secure comms, and Vitebsk-25 self-defense system. Previously delivered Su-25SM/SM2 upgraded aircraft will be brought up to Su-25SM3 standard during their next overhaul later this decade.

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28 December 2011 | RUaviation

The testing of Su-25UBM strike-fighter has been successfully completed

The Russian Air Force Command has recommended to start series production of the Su-25UBM upgrade for combat capable Su-25 two-seat trainers.

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